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  • Diaspora (UK Psychiatrists Great Partnership) Conference 7.12.2013 The Diaspora organisations are holding their first conference at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London 21 Prescott Street E1 8BB. BAPA will pay the registration fees for the first 10 applicants.   Please find attached the registration form and flyer. Best wishes Hasanen
  • 10th BAPA AGM, 12 October 2013 Dear all It is a great delight to invite you all to attend the 10th Annual General Meeting of the British Arab Psychiatric Association that will be held on Saturday 12 October 2013 on the venues of Northampton Marriott Hotel. We would like to see you all there. Spouses are welcome. It would be a…
  • Psychological needs of Syrians in Jordan Report by Dr Nadim Almoshmosh to the Volunteering and International Psychiatry SIG at the Royal College of Psychiatrists on some of BAPA activities. http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/VIPSIG%20April%20Newsletter%20DRAFT.pdf
  • EMDR Training Workshop Part 1. 12.5.2013 Dear all   We are delighted to announce that the first part of EMDR training workshop went very well over the weekend 11,12 May 2013. Feedback from participants was really positive and encouraging. Best wishes   Hasanen Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar BAPA Secretary                      
  • EMDR Workshop Part 1 Dear all   We are delighted to announce that the first part of the EMDR training workshop went successfully well over this weekend. feedback from attendants was really positive and encouraging.                            
  • EMDR Training Workshop Dear all We are delighted to inform you that we will be holding an EMDR part1 Training Course on next weekend 11-12 May 2013. This is arranged as in-house training exclusively for BAPA members and its affiliates and will be delivered by EMDR Extra's trainer Dr Manda Holmshaw. Training dates: 11-12/5/2013 Venue: Northampton Marriott Hotel,…
  • Meeting mental health needs of Syrians in Jordan- Dr Nadim Almoshmosh Meeting mental health needs of Syrians in Jordan 3 My third visit to Jordan was for eight days between 25/3 to 2/4/13 This visit was in coordination with colleagues from Syria Bright Future team based in the cities of Amman and Irbid.  We focused this time more on the training needs of the team members…
  • Dr Redwan El-Khayat : Reflections on my trip to Sothern Turkey, during the last part of December 2012 Our colleague Dr El-Khayat  visited several hospital sites in Southern Turkey in the later part of Dec 2012.These hospitals are supporting Syrian refugees in Turkey. Please see the article below for details. Reflections on my trip to Sothern Turkey, during the last part of December 2012 I visited 2 Rehabilitation/Step down hospitals in Kilis and…
  • Fragile X Syndrome: Some Recent Advances. Dear all Please find attached the power point presentation by Dr Khalid A Mansour entitled as above. Best wishes Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar BAPA Secretary
  • Concept, Diagnostic Criteria and Classification of Autistic Disorders: A Proposed New Model Dear all Please find attached the paper entitled above by Dr Khalid A Mansour. Best wishes Hasanen Al-Taiar BAPA Secertary
  • Dr Khalid Sultan: My Second Trip to Jordan 2013 Dear all Please find attached "My Second mission to Jordan : I visited Jordan between 1st – 10th February 2013 . During my visit to Jordan I have the opportunity to visit several general hospitals where many injured refugees were treated. I also visited Irbid for 2 days where I had a clinic in the…
  • 2013 Consultants Conference and Dinner Dear all Please find attached the invitation from Dr Wise/Head of the UK Consultants Conference to attend this conference and dinner. Best wishes Hasanen Al-Taiar BAPA Secretary
  • Letter to the Royal College e-Newsletter on mental health needs of Syrian refugees Dr Nadim Almoshmosh Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry, working with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. President of the British Arab Psychiatrists Association, currently coordinating the work of a volunteer group to help the affected displaced Syrians in Jordan and Turkey. Evaluation of needs Refugees’ priorities here vary depending on the circumstances that forced them to…
  • International Conference on Psychodynamic Psychiatry: Professional Artistry in Clinical Practice Dear all, Hope you are well. Please find attcahed the flyer for this conference that is organsied by Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust.It sounds very interesting. best wishes Hasanen Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar BAPA Secretary Conference Organiser: Dr Faisal Shaikh, Consultant Psychiatrist Friday 15th March 2013 Copthorne Hotel, Merry Hill, Dudley 8:45am – 5:00pm 6…
  • BAPA AGM Slides of lecture presentaions
  • Autistic Spectrum paper autistic spectrum paper by Dr Khalid Mansour
  • Mental health needs of Syrian refugees/ Letter to the editor of The Psychologist Journal Meeting mental health needs of Syrian refugees, letter published in The Psychologist
  • Mental health needs of Syrian refugees in Jordan My trip to Jordan Report on a voluntary humanetarian mission
  • Summary of BAPA AGM 15/9/2012   Dear all, I would like to thank all members who were able to attend BAPA meeting yesterday. It was a pleasure seeing you and catching up with you all. We tried to cover the subject of trauma psychological presentations and possible ways of managing the effects of this on individuals and society in the…
  • Intoduction to BAPA 9th AGM 15/9/2012 Intoduction to BAPA 9th AGM 15/9/2012

Welcome to BAPA new web site.

British Arab Psychiatrists Association – BAPA was established in 2002. BAPA is a professional, non-political and non-profitable. It act as a forum for all Arab psychiatrists in the UK . It aims to promote scientific and professional development of its members.  BAPA aspires to  establish scientific and professional links with Arab psychiatric, Academic and Clinical Institutions, and psychiatric Associations in the Arab Countries, and Worldwide and to promote mental health among Arabs in the UK, as well as, to promote knowledge and understanding of trans-cultural issues in the UK. We try to provide support and promote development & progress of Arab Psychiatrists practicing & living in UK. BAPA gives great interest into social needs of its members to ensure integration of Arab psychiatrists & their families in particular & Arab community in general into the British community without whilst maintaining their Arab identity. We continue to establish & maintain strong links with its sister Associations in Arab World: e.g. organizes joint conferences, plan joint research & cooperate in modernizing service & training, exchange experience and work together for the best of the profession.

This web site contains News and Announcements of BAPA members, their Publications and Articles . The Site is open for members to register as an author who post articles directly to the site. At the top of this page, you will find categories of articles posted by BAPA members. To register enter your preferred username and email at the authorization box at the top of the sidebar and you will be sent a password to your registered email. You can change your Passsord after first login.  Articles are subject to approval by administrator.

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